Fast Forward To College

I would love to fast forward my life to college.  I know it is a horrible thing to want to fast forward your life, but I can't help but thinking it.  Time is going by too slow.  I want to be older and out of my parents' lives because I want to be my own person.  Most importantly, I want to fast forward because I hate school kids.  They are so immature and annoying.  I know that I will miss these days sometime in the future, so I should enjoy them while they last.

18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Thank you.

Please try and enjoy your youth, trust me if I could go back to my youth I would in a heartbeat. Life is precious never take that for granted. And remember the experiences your having now you will take with you as you grow older as long as you make the right choices in your life and don't fall for peer pressure.