I bloat my tummy with food daily, and I've noticed a distinct love handle overhang appearing. I've gained more than ten pounds in a week in a half (what a piggy!) because I gain so easily. I usually keep my weight in check, but this week I have already spent my entire paycheck buying food. I never run out, though - my roommates buy me food all the time, especially when I offer to bake a dessert. They ALWAYS let me take more than half, and I'm beginning to think my three male roommates (I'm a girl) are actively enjoying and enabling my sexy weight gain.
Alrightletsdothisiguess Alrightletsdothisiguess
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7 Responses Aug 17, 2014

You sound indeed as a perfect roommate ;)!

Do you want to get fat?

Sounds like it! Just keep on eating. :)

Can we trade lives please? your living the freakin dream

Keep filling up your tummy. I bet your roommates love seeing you tuck into those deserts.

It's possible ;-)

I suspect you right about that.....!