My Little Sister

My little sister is very fat. She is ten and is developing breasts, a waddle, and a bouncy belly. She has very fat cheeks and is always hungry. I'd like to think that I'm responcable but I think its mostly because she lives in our fat healthy family.

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Your sister is cool

How is your sister now?

What a nice family, I wish my sister was like that

Your last update was almost a year ago. . .how fat is she now?

I would love to be in your family

you have no idea how many ppl have said that to me.

Is it over 9000

a little under maybe :)

Sounds like you and your sister are lucky to be in a fat, healthy family! Congrats!

How tall/chubby is she?

4'5" ?

Rough guess on weight?

210? Thats probably a conservative estimate

That sounds cute.How chubby/tall are you?

If she was half that weight she would still be on the upper end of normal BMI-so close to half of her weight is fat.

alright bring someone to the good life

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Sounds great! Add me as a friend. Would love to talk sometime.