I have fattened my sister up by over 150 pounds now. She weighs a lot more than I did at her age right now, I kept track of her weight since I started fattening her up 4 years ago.

Start Weight
Age 6
Weight 60 pounds

Year 1
Age 8
Weight 85 pounds

Year 2
Age 9
Weight 115 pounds

Year 3
Age 10
Weight 140 pounds

Year 4
Age 11
Weight 210

Current Years
Age 12
Weight 238 pounds

She is almost as big as me just 2 years younger. It's funny since we go on vacation a lot because my dad has a very high paying job and I guess you could consider our family rich, which is probably why we are all so fat except my dad, but whenever we go to a beach my sister wears a bikini, and she runs along the beach and her giant belly just flops around. Not to mention my mom who is also sitting in her bikini but she weighs almost 450 pounds.
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Good job man

Your sister like her fat belly?

A picture please

Any updates? How fattening is going? How are you and your sister feel?

you all are so lucky

You all are lucky!

Thanksgiving must have been quite a meal at your house! How fat is your sister now? Catching up to your mom? :)

Sounds like she's really piling on the pounds.

Yes, she is even bigger now. I increased the portioned sizes and she is really fattening up. This year she said she wants to wear a bikini to July 4th so that should be funny haha.

That does indeed sound like it might be fun.
I imagine she's gotta be getting quite huge by now.

Oh yeah! She's packing on the pounds quickly!

So, did she get to wear a bikini to July 4th like she wanted?

Oh yeah! She's huge now too. It was certainly a sight to see!

Oh I can imagine it was. She's gotta be getting enormous by now.

Yeah, she's rapidly looking more and more like my mom each day. She has to be getting to 350 now. She loves it, she practically lounges around and eats all day.

Like mother like daughter I guess. That's definitely huge. It's good that she likes it, that lifestyle of hers probably isn't gonna make her smaller.

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