I wish I could find a guy that would let me stuff his belly and then let me rub it all night. I love watching someone grow. If you are a guy who is either gaining or just likes getting your belly rubbed, you should message me.
katiox katiox
22-25, F
10 Responses Aug 15, 2014


I'd love an opportunity like that :D

Where do I sign up?

I'm your guy do as you please to me

I love both. ;)

Definitely would love to talk, specially if you'd like to spend some time in Australia... 😉

How fat would you make me get?

It is great for us male gainers there are so woderful ladies like you. I would love to have woman who would help me get fatter.

I'm definitely that guy. :)

Yes! I'll let you make me as fat as you want!

Message me :)