Healthier Craving

For a couple weeks I've been dealing with a craving of another kind, an unhealthy kind.  I'm in the process of kicking, and now, have turned my sights toward something else.  Something that is more a part of me than heroin will ever be. 

I am hunting.  I want to feed tonight.  I want to feel the willful body of another against me, giving me their energy, giving themselves over to me until their mind is drained and their body listless. 

It's rush of different sort, a ritual of a different kind, all equally as glamorous, depending on your point of view.  Would you lay your body in my arms and submit your energy to me whilst being thoroughly enjoyed?  Might you flinch at a pin *****, then breathe heavily through the whoosh in your tummy as my tongue swirls around, lapping up what your veins offer me?  Will you keep your eyes on mine as I ask you questions, combing deeper and deeper into your soul until mine is satisfied?

vampireheart vampireheart
31-35, T
5 Responses Sep 2, 2008

was that a....good rawr? lol

um rawr. yaaaaaaah

ah, yes, I found a feeder amongst you, lol.

Intense! LOL BrutMystik!

Well, since you put it that way...yes. I really will.