Ahhhh Pee

I am a female who is bi, and I have always wanted to have a woman (or man) pee their pants while sitting on me. I also really wanna wet my self while sitting on someones lap. I have once before, but it was only cuz he wanted to sleep with me, he wasn't into it.
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Well if you do not mind a cross dresser or pre-op trans? I'd very much sincerely like to enjoy your desires along with you. And no it is not just to get into your pants either. Drop me a message, let's discuss this a little more.

Oh I would love to do this with you! I'm not a lesbo or a bi or anything, I'm straight but it's one of my fantasies. I'm afraid I can't meet elsewhere and we could only be friends online. But please PM me anything! I'd be happy to reply! xD I also want to bee peed on by both sexes on the lap with only their underwear on and to pee on both sexes with only my panties on. PM me! I'm so excited for anything LOL. (I'm talking nonsense a bit am i?)

would love to play pee games with you .....let me know we will have a laugh.....no pressure at all to do anything else........just pee . Let me know if you would like to meet....

I would love to help you out<br />
You can pee on my lap anytime

Mmmmmm -- a pee-play date with you would be absolutely wonderful ... and a whole lot of fun!!!

I'd love to share, but daren't even mention it to me wife ...

Awesime story, but i have a ?<br />
<br />
You said it was only bc he wanted to sleep with you, so did you tell him he could if u could pee on him, or was that a method you used to turn him off?

That sounds so sexy... if you ever come to florida let me know.

a dream of mine!

That's a shame about your previous experience. It's not nice to feel used. There are many people who are into watersports (my wife included - thank you, thank you, thank you), which is the great thing about EP: you get to meet so many like-minded people.

we cud pee all over each other!

I am very into it and would pee on you and would love to have you pee on me over and over anytime anywhere

i have allways want ed to play a lap sitting game after a few days of not pooping and maybe take some laxitives .

Send me a peronal message, and we can see.

Send me a peronal message, and we can see.

I'll let you sit on my lap anytime you want to.