I Want To Feel All 0f You Inside Me

I love it when u touch my body,i need it,touch me gently,touch me more,i need this,I love it when u kiss me ,kiss me softly,kiss me more ,i need this i i love it when you lick my nipples,suck my nipples longer i need it ,i love it when u bite my nipples i need this,i love it when you kiss my belly and you slide your lips ever so softly down to my juicy sweetness,"oh how i need this,i feel your tongue gently slide up & down side to side over and over oh how i love your tongue i need it,slide it all the way down to my back door and enter i want to feel all of you inside of me,i love this, i need this. I love to feel your body on top of mine,i need this,i love to feel it slowly getting hard ,i want this,i love it when your so hard nothing can soften it except my p***y i love it when you slide it in ,i need it ,i love it when i feel your hardness inside me,i love it ,i want to feel you harder ,i need it, i want to feel you deeper inside me i need this,give it to me,i want to feel all of you inside me.

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36-40, F
3 Responses Oct 3, 2010

sounds like a fun time

I love it when a guy gets right up to my cervix, and I can feel him pulsing and knowing the warm liquid going right into my womb. A man ******* inside me will give me an ****** nearly every time.

OMG, I feel the very same way. Only I'm a t girl and waiting to have srs. I cant wait, I share these feelings now, too. I want a vagina to complete me so I can be the same. I know its great, I cant wait. I want it so badly, it must be the hormones, hee hee. A super story. I just want a *****, please!!!