i was only four when i was involved in a car accident . i was in the hospital for two weeks . once i got home i saw they took down all the mirrors in the house. they explained to me that i couldn't see my face for a few years while the scar got better. kids in school would always make fun of me, some of them wouldn't come near me like if i wasn't human. i felt alone and unattractive. when they finally put the mirrors back i finally saw my scar .one eyebrow was missing and the scar ran from the end of my missing eyebrow all the way down to the tip of my nose. that night i stood in my room and secretly cried for hours. i finally saw what people were seeing all these years. it hurts so much that.. bc of something so out of ur control ..something u couldnt prevent.. u suffer it.. ppl wont give u the time of day.. hear u out,... they see u for ur appearance and judge u on that....cruel ppl.. cruel world
rockerlover rockerlover
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2010