Why Does Age Have To Ruin Everything . . .

 . So there's this guy, well... " MAN " I guess who is like 25  and i'm 16 which is a HUGE difference yeah I know it . So anyway he teaches at my church and I am really attracted too him because he is sooo nice and sweet we talk and stuff too. He says Hey wats up too me and we talk and have a little conversation and stuff. So i'm just like UGGHHH no why does he have too be so grown??? And too top it off he said if I was older he would really date me so that made it even worse. I just don't know what too do. Like I said why does age have to ruin everything??.... =P .
JasmineMarie JasmineMarie 16-17 3 Responses Jun 7, 2011

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You are so right thanks!

Yea, maybe your right, but I feel that he's not gonna wait for me. When i'm 21 he'll be like 29 and I don't know where we will be by then. Thats what i'm scared of mostly. When he said he'll wait for me I wonder was he just saying stuff or is he foreal .

I hope is for real :)

I think that t doesn´t have to ruin everything. You can keep talking and maybe you'll find a way of being toghether. A few years and you can do whatever you want. Here, in Portugal, the majority is at 18? There is at 21, wright?

Anyway, if you like each other you should tottaly find a way.