Beauty Is Skin Deep.

The thought of being attractive always boggled my mind ever since I was a child. Wherever I went, all the posters of models and stars alike, it was all people who were beautiful and mostly fair-skinned people. Me, on the other hand, I have a dark brown complexion. Thus began my obsession about personal beauty. I felt strangely odd about myself. Becuz if you are dark, naturally, it hides the radiance that allows you to see your facial beauty and features clearly. I was such. Time to time, I kept looking at myself in the mirror and i always wondered. Am i handsome? Am I attractive? Till stuck finding the answer. Its not that I want to feel totally best handsome guy in the world..but rather it could give me some confidence out in the society to project myself. Worst! when people dont make you feel attractive, it can do alot of things to you. I only know that I somehow have some looks..I know it clearly..but I dont know how to put it out practically..In pictures, I felt, i was much more better to look..but in reality, I felt I lack the face to attract.. Maybe Im photogenic..or maybe my face is strange..Whatever it is..I feel that there more I want to feel attractive, the more calculative i become..People used to make fun of me because I was simply dark. I had brown eyes with black hair..when grown long..its very very wavy.. I have spikey hairstyle now which is my favourite.. and my sisters often and even others often told me my eyes were the most beautiful part in my body..I have never see in that way..but quite a couple of people told me i have good eyelashes..Strangely...I discovered that my face is more like my mother..which means, Im appearing feminine.. and that made me question this the reason why I get least attention? How can any girl like someone who has a feminine face? Could it be? Till now,  i dont know. Some girls told me that I do have a face that is feminine looking. And worst...often I got gay invites from all over the world...I didnt choose to be born this way..But sometimes I wish I had an option. Most of us feel unwanted, unattractive, because we compare ourselves with people out there..But know this, The beauty of life will replace the beauty of age one day....People only get attracted to you for looks..after that its all about how one can care and cope with problems they face together..its about care and affection...
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I've always bin fascinated by different nationalities, I find people who look quite ethnic are soo beautiful especially when they're mixed.<br />
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Thank you:) your name? what is your name?:) I wish you good day.

nikki nice to meet you xo