Feeling Ugly... :(((

I was surrounded by beautiful and popular people. my friends were so popular that their names reaches the other schools. and i was the only one who's not that appealing or something. I was always compared with my friends. of course anybody who's on my shoes will also feel left out. and I'm sick of feeling like that. but, what would i do? they are my friends...

enviousness? insecurity? whatever. they have these and i don't. i always feel like a trash whenever I'm with them...


i have pimples. and my god, i curse it, i hate it! they are everywhere!

i have an insanely large forehead. full of pimples!

I'm tall... but I'm soo thin... like a trunk of an tree. flat chested and as*LESS..

now, what more could you ask for??? i feel so ugly!!!

life is soo unfair.

mhel0w8 mhel0w8
22-25, F
4 Responses Aug 29, 2008

I am very tall and thin aswell with a chest that just doesnt seem to want to come out but I've decided to embrace it, at times its hard and I just feel ugly and insecure but I have amazing friends who make me feel more confident even though they are so much prettier than me. I'm glad you don't feel so down about it anymore and I wish everyone was more confident about their own bodies. I say embrace your looks and find the thing that makes you beautiful

Yeah, I guess it's just the perks of going through puberty. I hope those who are going through the same would get over it sooner like we did. Thanks, I totally agree. :)

hmm.. chilline, my point of view have been different from now. im so much better now. i hope you would feel the same way too.

Me too. A lot of people don't recognize me, I know that I am ugly. And too much story about it. I absolutely agree about life is unfair. My friends have good personality,confidence, and pretty teeth and CHARISMA. I don't have them. Maybe I'll live in shadow part forever x(

haha! thanks WMYTIN... :P