I only felt attractive when I was in deep with my eating disorder in and out of hospitals in a photo shoot with tons of make-up on my face where I didn't even look like myself. maybe that was it i didn't look like myself.  I want to look in the mirror and say ok you don't look so bad. I wish I could see myself clearly.

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oh i love love love the asperin mask!!! hahaha

Hey! I feel you honn ~<br />
but as I said, You are beautiful and You knew it as well as your man ;)<br />
<br />
Sometimes I feel unattractive either but I will do something to cope with it ! You know what is it ?<br />
<br />
"The Aspirin Mask" ! LOL ~

lcw you are amazing! :)

wow that's horrific hope you are ok now , photo shoot is hard work ,, and mental draining ,, ppl think its easy ,,no way ,,sure hate to worry about being perfect huh ,, be happy that you are healthy is a good start ..

you are both right. I have been trying to be ok with the many flaws I have and learning (well almost forcing myself) to be ok with what I look like now. I know i look better than i did when i looked like walking death logically but not emotionally. it is just difficult.

wtf84b gave you pretty much the same answer I gave you in the story "not comfortable in my own skin". Same answer both places.