Love and feeling beautiful

I feel most attractive when I'm loved by someone I love and I know it. It's not just about being loved that makes me feel attractive...part of it is the act of loving. Maybe it just gets my attention off my own insecurities and more tuned into the other person. To love is also a beautiful thing, and simply loving might radiate this energy It just takes me out of my world and transcends appearances and everything else. Love makes me feel beautiful both on the inside and on the outside.

Though I do dip into self consciousness from time to's only human. My confidence wavers more when I'm single or in limbo and I get more nit picky about my looks at those times. Times like now. I feel vain staring in the mirror and fussing so much about my appearance but that's what I've been doing now. I want to feel beautiful tonight and exude with confidence and maybe that confidence is one thing that makes me feel better and the energy somehow makes me look better. People sometimes say I'm attractive or pretty or whatever, but it takes something more for me to actually believe it myself. It takes either love or something within myself to make it true. I want to believe it.

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4 Responses Aug 28, 2009

Believing you are attractive is not quite the same as the confidence you exude in the moment; the emotional charge and excitement of feeling attractive.I believe Michelle Pfeiffer is very attractive. I like how she replied to the quesiton, "Do you think you're pretty?" (I do not wish to get into splitting anyone's hair ends on the differences between those words.) She hesitated for a moment before replyng, "On a good day."Her reply speaks to my point. Feeling attractive is a moment of fickleness. It is to be enjoyed in the moment.You yourself make my point. The fact you feel vain does not make you vain because it's not what you are in the long term; it's what you are doing in the moment. You want to believe (that's a cerebral, mental matter, not of the heart) you are attractive, but the beauty of feeling attractive is that despite the high maintanence of hours in front of the mirror it is not attractiveness is not maintained in the long term. Otherwise, as I see it, it loses its attractiveness.Please, don't misunderstand me. You want to be beautiful all the time. You do so through the things you say, do and even, what you think. Feeling attractive every bit as important to you, and rightly so, as being beautiful. Feeling attractive may be for the moment and in the moment, but it is no less to be desired than (here's my assumption about you) an attractive woman is or makes herself desireable in the eye of the beholder.A women in a dress (or skirt) has become such a rare sight in our society. I wish I could see the women (wife, kids) in my life wearing dresses more often. I have to restrain myself from making any kind of favorable comment to a woman in a dress lest they take offense or think something sinister of me. Fortunate is the one whose eyes will behold your attractiveness tonight.

Definitely. I tend not to trust other people just in this area because it's often just flattery or false reassurance or some one being nice. Even if they do mean it sincerely, it's not the same same as me believing it unless you really really trust the other that case it can be very convincing

Exactly! :) Other people believing in me sometimes helps just a little but ultimately I need to believe in me for it to feel real

You took the words right out of my mouth! I want to believe it, and people tell me I'm pretty or whatever, but still...just because others might think it...doesn't necessarily mean I believe it =/.