My Goal

It is my goal in  life to always remain beautiful and hopefully leave enough mystery to have him coming back for more and more.

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It sure is Andy

I agree with everything that has been said... it's the whole package.

Awww thanks. NKenny!<br />
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__________________Thanks Ar

Because they care about you, and in some way you make them really happy. Enough that he wants to always be with you.

Thanks Ar. Good point. I wondered why he sticks around with ugly me lol

When someone really cares about you, they care about every last thing not if you are mysterious or pretty on the outside. so someone who really cares will always come back.


Although, let's not denigrate the exterior, which is pretty great too.

Awwww thanks!

I agree with Arorin. There is a pretty great person inside the beautiful exterior.


Even if you wasn't i bet he would come back.