He Called Me Beautiful

It was just a date - not our first, not our most important. We were meeting at the restaurant. It was a nice place, but not too $$$. For reasons I don't remember, I decided to wear an outfit I had not worn for him before -- a short flared skirt and a lace top, with booties. I thought it was cute enough. But when he saw me at the restraurant his reaction surprised me --- "You are beautiful," he said. "You are beautiful." I had heard people say that to me before. "You are beautiful." And I had learned not to read too much into it. Relatives and strangers would tell me "You are beautiful" when I was young, and I knew guys usually (always?) did not mean it. "You are beautiful." Still, there was something in the way he said it that made it sound like he meant it. "You are beautiful." He didn't look like he had practiced it or even thought about it. It was like a reflex, something he had no intent to say. "You are beautiful." The words stuck in my head. "You are beautiful." It ran over and over in my head until the words had no meaning. Just random letters. U. R. B. U.T. ful. Was it true? I didn't feel beautiful. Could I be? I knew I was pretty. Maybe attractive. But Beautiful? A warm tingle ran up my back. "I am beautiful." It sounded so natural. At that moment I loved him more than anyone had ever loved a man. The man who made me beautiful. I looked up, and he was looking at my face like he could see right through me. Was my face flushed? Could he read my thoughts? "Did you hear what I said?," he asked, looking anxious. "Yeah, whatever," I said as the waitress led us to our table.
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Human beings are programmed to be drawn to beauty. And - absolutely YES - that was 1000% authentic. :). It was just what you described: a reflex