Beauty Is In the Eye of Beholder

And if I feel beautiful, I will be happier. At least I think so, since I have never felt beautiful.

I know I am not ugly, and I even look good, but I never feel beautiful. When someone tell me I am beautiful, I become suspecious of his intentions. I think he is trying to deceive me!

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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10 Responses Mar 7, 2009

well i dont beleive the beauty .is...because i dont have it,,,,,, peaople always says.. im ugly..... even my relatives hate me cuz i'm ugly...... hate bieng ugly... i hope someday.. i will the beauty i have....... and i never expect that come......god sake...

Thank you Bellarusso, good point, I always thank for complements.<br />
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Thanks for the comment

I think they do, but we shouldn't let that stop us from feeling beautiful. thank you newday, well said

I feel the same way I want to believe that I am beautiful, I have been deceived by men so many times that I think they almost always have ulterior motives.

Dearest HuskyChan, thank you very much for the comment, well spoken.<br />
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I completely agree with you, the media makes us think less of ourselves because we don't follow their advise.

You are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. We are all perfection of life, and in it's own right, we are all beautiful creatures. No one should care about weight, or hair, or race or religion. Everyone is beautiful in some way. Media hype has you thinking that you're jeans have to cost 100 dollars, or your hair isn't the right style or color; we get so swept away in the selling and buying of the socially crippling media that we sometimes forget how beautiful we really are.

Thanks dearest flourlady, I hope so.

well i hope you can start feeling beautiful all the time.

Thanks for understanding, it means a lot.

i know what u mean..i want the same,i want to feel when i was talking to my prince,i felt that way..but not anymore.its great to feel beautiful.but i feel happy when i see things that are beautiful..its somehow complicated..look at your child,when u see ur child dont u feel beautiful?u do,i beauty is a bit different for us..but i do understand