When my boyfriend was here, I remember a couple times when we showered together how he would dress me in the towel afterward. He did it carefully and it was... like a very revealing dress (well, how large do you expect a bath towel to be?!). It made me feel beautiful, sexy, like a princess. Hehe. I continued to feel beautiful just at the memory a while after he left. But now... I'm alone here and struggle with emotional eating again and he's alone there paying less attention to me... I don't feel beautiful anymore. Maybe even a bit ugly. I want my confidence back.

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Sorry! Guess that's what happens when you get older and the mind starts going...LOL!! I didn't even think to look when you posted this. Guess I got caught up reading other stories about how people feel and didn't read between the line on your story.<br />
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Hope you can forgive this old lady for butting in where I shouldn't have

Gee, I have to wonder why everyone has to come and say what they think my source of happiness should be. First, I wrote this story almost a year ago. Second, I was obviously writing it in a moment I just didn't feel beautiful or well. Period. I miss the way we were together. So what on earth is wrong with that? It's not like I'm one of those girl who's never satisfied with herself but .... ugh.<br />
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& besides, if there's nothing new to add why say the exact same thing?<br />
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Sorry I just needed to get that out of my system.<br />
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Oh, & yes, I can actually see my own qualities and I'm happy enough anyway.

It's time to pull yourself out of that abyss Young lady! Time to start looking at yourself as a beautiful vibrant women that can overcome anything that life presents to you. I understand that having someone to tell you and treat you like a princess is something that we all need but you also have to rely on yourself to promote that illusion to others. It's all within you and as Paco stated "not by the presence or mirroring"

Your sense of fulfillment and confidence should be something found from within you, not by the presence or mirroring of others. :-)