In the Eyes of the One I Love.........

~ That's all. I want just one person to think I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. That I am the only one he'll ever need or want. I want to look into his eyes & just know that I'm beautiful to him..... The rest of the world can BITE ME! All I need is for that one, my love, to see it. To feel it, & to want it......Just like I've read a few times............ I want one guy to show me they aren't all the same. I want the guy who I go running to with red, puffy eyes, hair a mess, in track pants & a baggy sweater, & before he says anything else, looks at me & in all honesty says "Baby you're beautiful", then "Who's *** am I kickin'!" MAhahahahaha!!! ~

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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

we all want that feeling trust me i do too, im in a relationship with someone who never says that to me but yet will look at a woman on the television and make eyes and comments , we all want someone who is worth loving to be honest ive never met anyone like that,

I would love to be beautiful in the eyes of one I love too. That would be a dream

You will find the right man for you someday