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I am married for almost 20 yrs. I have issues with my husband and have been holding on for e sake of my kids.
I am very lonely..i would like to have someone whom I can share and who can help me look forward to tomorrow. I do not want to satart a sexual relationship and hence this is the reason why I am not looking for someone from my country.
I just want that special person at the other end. Did what i said make sense?
Is there anyone out there who feels the same way as i do?
Sometimes the loneliness gets too hurts.
ArcaneSG ArcaneSG 41-45 1 Response Oct 28, 2011

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It makes perfect sense to me. I am in the same age range and have the same issue as you. I crave intimacy and I am not fulfilled in my marriage. When I say intimacy, I am not talking about sex. It is more about the feeling of being loved and cared about by someone. It seems ironic that you can be married to someone but feel so empty and alone.