I want to be close to someone more in the lines of friendship than anything else right now. I've just hit that stage that after all the downfall, drama, and tons of he said she said, I've learned a lot about the people who were in my life. I guess I'm just not good at choosing who to spend my time with. I don't expect anyone to be perfect - but I do expect honesty. I do not appreciate or tolerate Lies. I prefer the honest truth, no matter how bad it hurts, or how bad someone is afraid to say it. I have a low - to basically no friend group in person because of this matter. I get along better with older people then people my own age because of this.
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1 Response May 11, 2012

Dont worry im sure you will find a good friend, because honestly those are very hard to find and sometimes people prefer to lie because its the easy way out and i think that we have become afraid to stand up for ourselves, but hey ill keep my fingers crossed for you :)

thanks :) I know i'm not perfect either, but sometimes it's just ridiculous :P

our imperfections makes us who we are :)