Physical Touch

I had a spa treatment today complete with a sixty minute massage by some expert hands attached to a greek god... he really knows how to make his clients feel welcome with his soft eyes and attentive listening. He worked on every muscle I knew of and some I didnt know about. Once or twice I allowed myself to imagine sharing that with a man in a bed of fluffy pillows and soft sheets against our naked skin. Does that really happen in life? You see.... my husband apparently has no desire or need or willingness to ever enjoy such an experience.... but today left me craving for something more, someting I've always missed in my life. Am I being naive to think that I even deserve that? I sometimes think I am and should just be content that a man loves me for other reasons which make life in a platonic marriage bearable.
ShellyHeartAche ShellyHeartAche
36-40, F
Jun 16, 2012