I Want to Feel the Rush

Of love .. and have that perfect balance of  unity and laughter someone to hold me when im sad that i can tell everything to and know they will never judge me or hold anything against me ...  i want real unity !!!
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
2 Responses Jun 4, 2007

what you described are the traits of a good friend. hope you find the love you seek......

I am the same way friend. Wanting to be loved is a reflection of not loving yourself. I know because that is the predicament I am in now. I am trying to find a way to love myself, its hard, oh so hard.... But if you keep your head up and dont camp in any of the depressing moments you will find what you need. Life is for learning and we are here to experience pain haha I dont know why, but it is the nature of this world.... You know what I miss? Laying in the grass in my front yard, and watching the clouds go by for hours.... Playing in the sprinklers and drying off on the hot sidewalk! Finding snails in my neighbors garden and keeping them for pets... Seeing my mom for the first time in weeks, fun times...