In All Ways

No, I'm not talking sexually. But, I would like to be close to someone. Spiritually, mentally, and romantically. I love to cuddle and want to be cuddled. I love to hold hands or just simply be able to lean my head on someones shoulder. Or hug their arm! I love hugging arms! XD

I would like that connection, where we could talk about anything and all things. And talk about nonsense too, laugh and giggle together. And on the bad days, we can be sad together and cry together too. I want to find someone, someday, who I will have permission to be by his side. I want him to reach out and grab me and never let go. And I'll never let go of him, either. :-)

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

I know what you mean, but it always ends up that this "goal" gets put on the back burner... =(