Somethings Missing

how can i put into words the way i have always felt? i've always felt that something was missing in me, i really cant put a finger on what it is. its that feeling of being at a party and being alone at the same time. everyone is around talking and i feel somehow different from them. like in some way i dont fit in. all of my life i have felt like this, anywhere i go i just dont feel like i fit in or that i belong. i wonder what is wrong with me that i dont want to fit in sometimes, or go to the party. why do i want to be alone when that is what is making me sad and depressed? am i making this intoa bigger deal than it should be? should i just float along in life waiting for something to happen or should i go and find what is missing in myself? just how do it do it before it is too late?
icanthide icanthide
31-35, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

(I have bad grammar skills sorry for that but I hope you get the idea)<br />
Thats how i felt some 3 years ago.<br />
Friend you need someone to talk to you.<br />
change the place where you live,Change everything about yourself. <br />
Start it from heart,Change your intensions.<br />
By intensions i mean The things you want to do after you become healthy.<br />
If you have good intensions in your mind Every particle in the universe starts supporting you.<br />
Stop doing things which You regret after doing them.<br />
Friend You remember once I said to you of doing three things? i should mention its advantages.<br />
First is marriage.In marriage two fates combine.<br />
Second is travelling.By travelling I donot mean traveling by a car or aeroplane or something else.Its good if you have a car but you can start travelling by foot too.<br />
You can go from one town to another town.<br />
Friend travelling really helped me in fighting depression. <br />
Third is use honey as a diet.<br />
These things really helped me.<br />
Practice one of them and let me know what happens.<br />
If these dont work I have few other things as well which many Psychiatrists dont know.<br />
Again sorry for my bad grammar.