I am only in Jr. High at the moment, so you may scoff and say it is too young to want love, but its not. No matter what age, you can feel love. Anyway...
I had a crush on a guy, and it was just a crush, then I started tlaking to him, and I decided to tell him. He thought it was very sweet of me but we were jst friends. So we were friends for some years, and then I realized I loved him. Real, true love. Not just a crush, I really cared about him, as if he were a brother. But he didnt love me, and he became cruel, criticizing. Then, recently, he started dating my best friend, who had a crush on him like I did a couple years ago. It akes me feel very lonely because nobody has ever desired or loved me outside of my family, unlike most of my friends. Now that I've felt real, deep love, I wanted it back from him, and I didnt get it, which also makes me lonely. I dont know if somethings wrong with me, or if all the boys that know me except for him are just shy.
rubies3 rubies3
13-15, F
Jul 30, 2010