A Dude At Heart

*sigh* There are plenty of Tom-Boys out there, and women with short hair. I'm one of the "tom-boys-with-short-hair-hybrids". PLENTY of people mistake me for dude. One time, TWO waitors mistaken me for a boy in one day, IN THE SAME RESTRAUNT!!! Anyway, sometimes, I try to FEEL feminine, but I can't. When there are several things I could do, some are too re-do-da-diculous. XD But, at my age, I shouldn't care. Most of the time I don't. And I've been told I'm incapable of embarrassment. Pffffft. I also have three types of confidence. The first feeds off of my energy; I have an "IN YOUR FACE, DIPWAD!" attitude. The second feeds off of my shyness; I'm quiet then, but I still have enough positivity. And the third, feeds off of my intelligence; I love rubbing my knowledge in peoples' faces. XD Even though I would FEEL femine, I know I'm not. Oh, well, no point in worrying now!
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

nope....no point in worrying. Some people are just wrapped up in the moment......once when I had a very short hair cut I was called sir......funny thing is a have very large breasts so most people would not usually call me sir....that person was very embaressed when he realized the mistake. It happens....I've done it also.....so what would make you feel more feminine? For me it's wearing heels, doing my hair (sort of), maybe wearing a dress (not often), buying a new bra and panties. Find what does it for you....have fun with it :()