Should Have Said: Homeland

But both are true: I don't feel good in my home and in my homeland. My home is a comfortable flat but our neighbours are not very good. There is renovation in the flat above us. There is a woman next door who collects trash. How I hate that smell in the staircase! The court is too small and we always have to fear that our car will be damaged. The flat is a bit small too. We don't have enogh place for our things. It would be not an ideal place for a baby.

My homeland:  I don't like  the goverment. I think that they sell it. The state debt is getting larger and larger. They destroy public health. And I don' know if I will have pension when I get old. We live in uncertainty. It is very hard to get on. Many young people leave the country because they get more money abroad. And if they come back, they have to start all again.
dreamygirl dreamygirl
31-35, F
Aug 21, 2007