And I Don't Think I Am Right Now.

I always try to be there for those around me and I guess it makes a difference to at least those around me. It gives me the ability to feel like I matter. But right now the girlfriend is obsessed with her new girl friend. But I feel like I've been pushed to the side, like I'm just not that important anymore. My mom probably does need me but I can't get to her. She's finally divorcing my abusive step-father and moving out, but she's about 30 miles south of me. She just won't take the help. Almost like she won't believe that it's okay to be upset and that she should be able to do it on her own. Which I believe she can because she's such a strong woman, but she doesn't have to..

I haven't seen many of my friends lately.I have to work so much so I can pay for college. But that is okay, I love school! My time outside of there just goes to the girlfriend. I haven't really seen my other friends.. Which I talk to them almost nightly but.. it's not the same.

I guess I just want to feel wanted. It's not wrong I just don't know about anything
Rhino1619 Rhino1619
18-21, M
Jul 14, 2010