Disfunctional Families

They say  when you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. Why dont i feel no happiness when it comes to my family? I was born supposedly with a father and a mother... but who isnt. I see daughters who love their father, daughters who would like to marry a man just like there father. Why do I not want to know of another being like my OWN father?
    Why must i go without a father? Those are questions that i can not answer, but long to know. I was moslested as a child by my father, the feeling that i felt when it kept repeatdly happening was a feeling i  have no words for, but the worst feeling of all was telling my mother. I felt as though my mother didnt care, all my mother cared about was her marriage to her husband. The many nights that i told her she went back to her and his room and went to sleep with him. But many years flew and my dad was finally out the picture not because of me because my mother wanting out. So me and my mother recap are relationship and actually became best friends.
    The friendship went on until recently she found out she was pregnant by the guy she was seeing. My mother wasnt really in a relationship with him just a fling. After she found out she was pregnant i felt she took her anger out on me. Controlling my every move, not allowing me some joy in my life, taking the people away that i actually liked. I actually felt that my mother wanting me miserable. Im still lost and dnt know wht to do.
aundrea423 aundrea423
Aug 13, 2010