A Difference

I need to know that somewhere outside of my family and friends, that I make a difference in the world. That what I do doesn't always go un-noticed or get pushed to the side. I have strived my whole life to be as good as I can be at everything that I do to make things as easy for other people as possible. I was a great soldier, an excellent house painter, and a good carpenter. I also excelled in sales while I was doing that...being honest with my customers, and letting them know every detail up front...I always got a lot of repeat business, and refferals because of my honesty and my knowledge of the product.
I am also a songwriter and a singer. I feel that this is what I'm best at!!! But I can't seem to break through no matter what I do, because of the way the industry is set up. The songs that I write are usually emotional pieces about real life...you know, things that real people feel and can relate to. I feel as if nobody is really paying attention to what they hear...outside of a select few. I'm really tired of having doors not only shut in my face...but slamed shut with not even so much as a "we'll look at it"...emails deleted instead of listened to, cd's tossed in the trash...unopened. I am very greatful to the few people who have taken the time to listen, and give feedback though...

Sorry for my rant...I really need to feel appreciated, and to see that the things I do, really do make a difference to someone...hell anyone
teleman teleman
36-40, M
Mar 2, 2010