In The Later Years

Everyone wants and needs to matter. At home and at  work. We're more then just a source to use selectively. To be convenient is sad.To be left behind because an elder parent "may" not be able to walk so far,  or get a kick out of he mall or the zoo..a nice  lunch date.   Please take the Grand Mothers & Grand dads on a little excursion. They may be slow  at home but a new view gets the motivation & the energy up. It's happy energy. So what if they need a litle Xtra help. I hope you will. Repay them with a nice day for all the years of loving you. Watch them smile  and you wll see those crinkled eyes shine a lot brighter.
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Hi SoulC. Sounds like it won't be easy to get them out of the house at all. Ilness makes them not interested in the outside world of shopping, visiting or restaurants. Plus the more they stay in, the weaker they get. You're a doll for trying. At least you go over to the house.Hey, maybe take some flowers or a pie...that'll give them a treat for the week. Thanks for visiting & sharing with us!!

Hi frito. Oh yeah. Just to be invited to take a run someplace is awesome. It means "I thought of you" . My Daughter often ask me if I want to go to a special market, the mall or any little outing she knows I won't drive by myself. It makes me feel wanted, not a burden in the back seat. I bet your Dad was in a perky mood when he went long for the ride. Well done..I smiled as I read this . :>) LOL. It reminded me of the family pooch who gets to go "bye bye".. Waves tail and looks out the window! Ye Ha!

Wonderful story Wiseowl and wonderful comment My...thank you both for the sharing.<br />
<br />
It really is sad to see some of the elderly cast aside and what a loss for all...My Mom felt so ill for soooo long that even though we encouraged her and tried to take her places she was just so unhappy going Dad was so different...he treasured every little brother and I still laugh at how much joy my Dad could squeeze from a trip to pick up the pizza!<br />
I'm sooo happy I seem to have inherited his philosophy.:)

Oh my lord. That's wonderful! Some people won't take them to a restaurant if it seems too much to endure. Giving Mom this adventure will be a memory she'll talk about with a smile.She may not see her sister They gave her more then just a trip..What a gift ..Bless their hearts. Thank You Myonis. I'm so happy you shared this today .I hope others will be encouraged to do a little something for the elderly ones they know & love.

My mom will be 84 in July. She has spinal stenosis and is always in pain with great difficulty walking very far. She's a very social, gregarious person sans pain. My brother and amazing sister-in-law are taking her out to Denver to go to her sister's grandson's wedding. She knows this may the last plane trip in her life to go see her sister. I am so grateful that they are there for her and include her in every single event possible.<br />
You have written a wise and beautiful story here. It is a gentle reminder we may all be in that place one day. You get what you give in this life, so let's treat our aging friends, neighbors, and family the way we would like to be treated when it's our time.