Attempt To Make Sense Of It All.

Hi everyone ,

I've been a secret drifter around this site for a while...countless times I could relate to the stories of so many people.. I am impressed by how open, intelligent and beautiful this community is. Quite refreshing and remarkable given the often heart crushing accounts one finds here.

Anyway, I am the person who never felt 'worthy' enough or really bothered to share my inner life but I think I owe it to myself and possible people like me..why not.

From the outside, everything looks super f-ing dandy. If you tell someone, anyone, you're down in the dumps..depressed.. they try to calm you down saying everyone has their bad days. BUT HOW MANY TIMES , or how many measures does one have to take to show this is not just me craving a 'mope around' day in bed or seeking attention by almost psychotic like crying episodes? i hate being labelled, shoved into a filing system.. something that us as society tend to make sense of it all.

in hopes of just unburdening myself, primarly because im scared that this feeling of being trapped in my body, nobody understanding ..or feeling that no one should care to understand.. im scared that i might just lose it. either become a basket case, continue this torture of self-destruction or i dont know . i will share more ...unearth pieces of me on here .. i dont know .. im tired.
Leoni37 Leoni37
22-25, F
Sep 15, 2012