Quiet Girl With The Loud Thoughts

Inferiority is my enemy. For as long as I could remember always felt like I wasn't inside my skin. Like I needed to be inside other people's mind posses their talents and features but not mine own because for the simple fact I wasn't recognized, I wasn't that "special girl", not the smartest and damn well not the prettiest. I lived to transform my life to something magnificient but sometimes I wonder do I really know what I want and need and do I see what is truly around or what I feel is around me. I want to be good at something so I can give back and help whoever I can who feels this way or worse no one should ever feel like **** or that their love is just a waste, but if thats not the case than why am I like this?
midnightpunk91 midnightpunk91
Dec 9, 2012