No Talent. No One To Inspire. No Importance

So I was on facebook and one of my close friends posted that a girl he didn't know messaged him saying that she was planning to commit suicide this Christmas and that listening to the song he wrote an recorded inspired her not to. I'm very proud of him but I wish I could do something like that. Inspire someone or have some kind of talent. I've been told that I'm very funny and a great advisor on things in life but most don't consider this a real talent. I want to feel like I can contribute something of importance to the world. I know I'm only 17 but I've always had big dreams of helping others. I plan to become a doctor and have been working towards that all my life. But I have a problem not looking ahead. I always want everything now. I want to feel like a true blessing to people. An inspiration in someone's life. As of right now, there is nothing. My parents just see me as a teenager, my brothers barely like me because when my parents aren't around, I have to be the one to discipline them instead of being the cool older brother their friends have, so I highly doubt they actually like me. I guess I just want to feel important to my friends family and other people.
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Everyone has a role in this world. I think you just need to be patient and good things, better things will come your way . I'm sure you're going to be an excellent , well known person when you grow up :3