Invisible, Forever And Always My Super Power.

I just want to feel like a normal person! I can be in a room crowded with people I know but, theres always that need to isolate myself. I feel so unimportant. I can sit right in the middle of everything and no one will acknowledge me. It's like I don't even exist until someone needs something from me. I feel all alone on the inside. I cry out in my head, "Some one please tell me I'm important. Please tell me that I matter. Tell me if I wasn't around you would actually notice. Tell me if I died today, you would miss me... But don't just say it to say it, please mean it." I try so hard not to feel this way but, nobody talks to me, nobody takes the time to call me. Everyone just ignores me. All day. I sit in loneliness and if I do talk everyone just ignores what I say, like they don't hear. I'm that unimportant and invisible to the world...
NubiieeCobain NubiieeCobain
Jan 2, 2013