Alone, Always Alone.

Little Girl Lost, Little Girl Scared, Scared of The world, she's not prepared. Angry little girl , little girl be quiet nobody cares. Selfish little girl don't you see nobody wants to see the blood you throw up? You disgust me. Attention seeker. *****, ***** , ***** . Little girl, stop cutting yourself. You were such a waste of time from the moment you were born. Little girl, an empty shell. All alone in this world. Did you hear when she called out for help? Her cries lost in the never ending nothingness. Her voice caught in the emptiness. The darkness around her envelopes her, suffocates her. Little girl SCREAM! Does any one hear? Every night a cry for help, she feels lost inside. Little girl crying ... Little girl has no one but herself .
NubiieeCobain NubiieeCobain
1 Response Jan 3, 2013

Thats good poetry.