Most Of My Friends Couldn't Care Less To Be Honest!

I have one good friend, really but the rest, couldn't give a feck, I guess! I have to text THEM, phone THEM, bother with them before they can be bothered with me. Honestly, I buy them presents for their birthdays, Xmas, I have helped them when they have been in a jam, numerous times. I saw one friend today who i thought actually cared, as she seemed to care a few months ago but today i saw her out and about, was going to stop and ask her how she was doing, and she muttered a ''hi'' and scarpered. Eh?? seems weird to me. I was never rude to her I always was there for other so called best friend ditched me at New Year because I couldn't make it to her party. It was too far for me to get to and I told her. She hasn't texted or spoke to me since New Year's Eve. I must be doing something wrong.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 16, 2013