No One Has Proven It Yet

No one's proven I matter to them yet. Some days I feel like I could go missing and the only ones who would notice are the people I'm living with because they wouldn't see me. My ex says I still matter to her, yet she's blown me off so many times, forgotten to call me when she says she would. So many other things. I just want someone to see me. To realize I exist and show they care that I am here. But until then, I guess I'll just hide under the sheets...

TheKidiKehT TheKidiKehT
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Yeah I know what you mean. I only matter long enough to do for someone else or give to someone else. After that I don't matter anymore. No calls, no help on my behalf, no nothing. I'm so sick of giving giving giving yet my needs go unmet.

You do matter to me and you know that... Cheer up emo kitty ;p