I Just Havnt Been The Same Since

This year i was playing baseball, I happend to be the only girl in the league.  I was  bat catcher and one guy on the other team didnt like me so much for what ever reason he thought of. by 3rd inning and he got pissed enough at me to take a bat to me, first hit knocked off my helmet second one knocked me out, he carried on even after i was out, he hit my spine several times hit my head jumped on my wrist and basiclly tired to kill me. After that i now have a bit of amneicssa and my body hasnt been the same since. My firends are trying to help same with my family. it helps but im not my full self yet. I want to be back to myself, i miss it.

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18-21, F
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

What a terrible thing to happen. :( You're so young. I have had friends and people I knew in town who had accidents or illnesses and left with either a long term or permanent injury. It's a hard thing to have to adapt your life to keep going.