Love Too Michal

I have spent my life trying to be loved. Born to a 14 year old mom who got pregnant by a 17twofold ago was only trying to get his freak on, I have been a mistake since my first breath. Families fought over me only to end up.both letting go. I gave married 3 times with 2 times resulting.g in a child/children. I have four children, 3 , that were stolen and brainwashed against me, and am currently married to a man who is mean, an Schick, list, and,emotionally abusive. He hates me previous children and used money to make up for not being there e for the son we have. .he
We and he comes home late, lies alot, and has told me many times how he does not love me. How do I get out without loosing our son, who is my life. I am sure most will skip right over this post,too,much trouble. Am I destined to be alone. No one out there would help.or have me? Jana
41-45, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2012

I do not know how to help u, but what abt assistance frm a woman's shelter? Does that work well where U live?