Your Prettyful

I think the most thing about someone being pretty is selfconfidance. No matter what weight or abnormalities. Just being confidant. Its the most prettiest thing to me. ( by the way Im not a good speller)
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4 Responses Aug 7, 2007

I agree. I get more confident the older I get and I have more and more people complimenting me on my looks every day. You have to believe you're beautiful and then people will see you as such.

Yes, feeling "pretty" is 3/4ths of the battle. I notice when I feel up and my vibrations are high - I can look in the mirror and at my age feel pretty! We all have good features here and there - look at those and concentrate on them - not on the parts that make you feel otherwise.

I agree - by the way though - the photo is beautiful! Yes it's really comfort within your own skin, taking pleasure in being you, confidence, that makes you attractive. Confidence isn't arrogance - it's being at peace with yourself.<br />
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Keep on keepin' on halfgone - :-)

You're right ... self confidence goes a long way in making someone appear more attractive ...