Yet Another Day

today marks yet another day where i thought maybe for once i thought i felt like a human being with emotions feelings maybe even some useful thoughts but then the dark hole that surrounds me takes over fills the space inside like im zombified. this is the closest i am to feeling real this one feeling of nothingness that never ceases its there no matter what happens or whom i talk to its always just there like a bitter reminder of somthing that happened in a past life that wont reveal itself just yet.

dont get me wrong i still walk talk and act like im actually alive or have feeling but no its just a game whom shall i trick today into thinking im real whom shall i maybe let into this thin shadow of whom or what i actually feel these drugs no matter what the are make me act like im real yes but they have had to stop now its time to face the shadows of reality the nothingness....emptiness

that1kid that1kid
18-21, M
May 7, 2012