I have always gotten a lot of attention from people because of my looks. When I was younger I couldn't even walk down the street without the inevitable "cat call". I have loved the attention I wont lie, but now that I am getting older I don't feel sexy at all. I think it might have to do with the amount of confidence I have. Back then I was very confident and I think that people were very attracted to that, but now that I have been through so much I don't carry myself with that same amount of confidence. I feel like a candle whose flame has been extinguished.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2009

Leaf that is exactly what it is, i am not offended at all. Growing up i was sexually abused so i was very confused about my sexuality and my self worth. I connected this actually negative attenetion to how valuable i was. I had a real sex=love complex, and i did struggle for years with that. Therapy has helped alot, but as u said my ego has been popped. Being 9 months pregnant also plays a huge roll lol. There are alot of factors to this, not just getting old. Thank you sooo much for taking your time to give me your take, it helps alot!