Feel Good

Yes I have let myself fall apart.  I wear frumpy clothes, I have had the same hair style for decades, I do not wear makeup and the reason why is because no one ever notices it when I do dress up nice, put on some makeup and do my hair.  So I cannot be bothered.  I would love to feel sexy and beautiful and be noticed for it.  But it seems like it is a waste of energy and time because the only person that does notice it is me when I look in the mirror. 

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9 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Will have to take a trip up to northland mall then thanks I appreciate your help :). Wow havent been shopping in years so it should be fun. Usually when Im shopping its for kids clothes lol.<br />
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Ohhhh WIN will have to go there and check it out there is one hmmmm in the SW I think near safeway on the corner of southland and macleod trail thanks will give them a try too.

The only Designer Depot I know of is in Northland Mall. I really think you'll start feeling better on the inside once you start taking care of yourself on the outside. Let me know how it goes. <br />
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I lied about not shopping in second hand stores. I forgot that I once got a beautiful brand new (Danier) suede suit from the Women In Need store. The price was definitely right.

Thanks francismarie....Im wondering where is Designer Depot I know I have a winners in the NE here by Sunridge. Well this weekend Im off to buy myself some nice dark jeans :) thanks for the tips now I am getting excited about changing the way I look on the outside :)

My favourite time of the year to shop is at the end of seasons, especially after Christmas. I got some great new clothes for 70% off this year. You could try Winners, but you have to be patient enough to pick through stuff. I've also heard Designer Depot is good. I've never shopped at second hand stores, but my daughter always finds great stuff in what she calls "vintage shops". Vintage sounds so much better.<br />
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If I was you, I would start with a new dark pair of jeans, some puma type casual shoes (try Payless or Spring) and a few colourful light weight sweaters or t-shirts. Ricki's is not too expensive and the clothes last as long as you wash them carefully. The great thing about dark jeans is you can dress them up or they can look casual. I hope that helps.

The problem is that for years and years and years I have had the same hairstyle never worn makeup and lived in sweatpants sweaters and tshirts because they were convienent while I was a stay at home mom and raised the kids. I put my long hair in a ponytail and off I would go doing kid things...now that they are teens and we do not do as much anymore I have more time to look in the mirror and see how much I let my self fall apart. I looked in my closet and saw all these worn out clothes I do not even know where to start in getting a new wardrobe together and what type of clothes to buy without costing an arm and leg but making me look good at the same time...any ideas....then I can deal with the hair and makeup grins

Feeling sexy and beautiful is not so much for anyone else as it is for u. When u get up and doll yourself up it makes u feel great inside and the same feeling is emitted outside and i guarantee u its catching someones eye. When u feel sexy it exuberates itself in ur appearance. Hell, you can be sexy in a t shirt and sweats.

Thank you both of you for your comments gives me lots to think about and making me feel good about me

I do my hair and makeup everyday for me and only me. i like to look in the mirror and think i'm pretty and actually like what i see and be proud of myself. screw everyone else they dont matter YOU do. if you dont like you it doesnt matter if everyone else does.

I know exactly what you're going through. I am the same way.