Feel Good

Yes I have let myself fall apart.  I wear frumpy clothes, I have had the same hair style for decades, I do not wear makeup and the reason why is because no one ever notices it when I do dress up nice, put on some makeup and do my hair.  So I cannot be bothered.  I would love to feel sexy and beautiful and be noticed for it.  But it seems like it is a waste of energy and time because the only person that does notice it is me when I look in the mirror. 

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9 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Ok game set and matched......was that coffee or dessert lol

Yes I agree hugs can work wonders...<br />
<br />
Sometimes I think I need a good swift kick up the butt and I have found so many people that believe in me and have given me nothing but positive praise that I think I am going to start looking at me better :)

I used to be like that, until I met a friend who straigthened my hair, did my make up and took me shopping, told me how to dress right and just basically give me a kick up the *** and now i feel great and i look alot better and its worth doing especially cos ive got 2 kids and i certanly dont look like a frumpy mum at school and it makes me feel better and does wonders for your confidence xx

Thanks youwerentok I will do that :)

Confidence is SEXY<br />
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So hold your head high hunni and show the world a gorgeous you!

Thank you and yes I have to start thinking more positive it helps having friends like you all to give me the encouragment to feel better about myself **hugs** you all :)

I agree with musicmad, sexy is more of an attitude than a look. Keep telling yourself that you are sexy and that you are worth the effort and other people will notice and you'll feel better.

Sounds like a good plan thank you for reminding me to please myself....I have to start learning to do more of this :)

Why not make the effort for yourself? Feeling good about yourself, starts with whats in your head. More than the physical attributes you were born with, true sexiness is an attitude.<br />
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I find maturity, individuality and a sense of self worth very arousing. Never have been one to show interest in a stick thin bimbo with an outrageous shopping habbit.<br />
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Please try and impress yourself rather than others. Thats the start of sexy.