I Left My Heart In Cyprus...

I need to hear your cooling waves gently lap your golden shore, i need to be with you. I want to gaze at your jagged horizon with the recognition you placed within me. The very first time i saw you, my word's were taken by your beauty, i need to touch you. In my silent awe you embrace me, body, mind and soul, i know then it is to late for me. I have fallen under your spell, i can get on a plane and fly away, yet i know i will never ever escape you and i am fully aware of your power over me and i would not change a thing. When i sat there on my rock, that very first day we met, i understood the meaning of tranquility, i understood for the first time in my life how it felt to be at peace with the world. The tear's i shed each time we part, each time i take my final breath upon your sun scortched sand's, i know my farewell is not forever. I will come back to you, i will return to fall in love with you all over again and again and again.

sleepingprincess sleepingprincess
36-40, F
Mar 9, 2009