What Is True Love?


True love is not how I forgive, but how I forget all indiscretions.  It’s not what I see, but what I feel when I hear his voice.  It’s not how I listen but how I understand even unspoken words from your heart.  It’s not how I let go but how I  hold on to our precious moments as if they were gold.  It's not who you are to the world, it's who you are to me. It's not how many times I tell you that  I love you, it's how much I really do.


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Thank You MLD

That's amazing. Whoever you wrote that for is lucky. That is absolutely beautiful. I love it.

Thanks July!

Love this. So simple yet so perfect. You have a way with words that is a talent in its self.

It is amazing how a lover can make you feel that in the depths of your soul. I had never had that in my life until recently and I have to agree it is an amazing feeling.

Irish, I agree. I could have written this post again this morning because I feel it with all my heart.

Thanks y'all.

Great post sweetie! I agree!

Feel free to use this. I would truly be honored. Let me know how it goes. I just love "love."

Feel free to use this. I would truly be honored. Let me know how it goes. I just love "love."

This touched my heart and explains everything how I feel about my husband. I want to redo my vows and use this if you don't mind. I have a very strong personality yet I don't know how to express it so beautifully and simple as you do.

a lot of people quote my wise words but naw im not sweet i was just joking i am allowed to do that after all.

Love is amazing..to love and the other person to become ur world..to wait every single word from him..to feel so great..it cant actually described in few words*

Exactly Squadi perfect and I know you understand this more than most people would. Thanks for your comments.

Love can conquer any distance place or time. Cherishing each moment til the next time your together.x

Ar, that is a start. I am trying to remember the exact quote and I am looking for it but that is so much sweeter than the first day we talked! Are you getting all happy on me? Some day you are going to smile. I just know it.<br />
<br />
Awww dew. You know she loves you and you love her because that is not the first time you have mentioned your feelings for her.

I feel in love with my wife of 25 years when I felt I was so much a better person when I thought about her.<br />
<br />
For her it was just lust for the first ~5 years and then it became the nightly backrubs that she became addicted to. Now she tells me she loves me when I wake up breathing.

true love is when someone wakes you up and you don't want to kill them. just hurt them really bad.

Awww Seadragon...You are so sweet.

G9, All from within. Why would you not admit to ever feeling this bc it is so special?

Beautiful sentiment Cham.

It sound as if it all have to come from within . Unconditional trust ,comes with faith . No place I've ever been or will admit to .