I Want It Now

I want you to push me back onto the bed and spread my legs and take what you need from me. I don’t want you to be gentle.

I want to feel in your thrusts all the passion and the pain and the anger and frustration that have been building in you for so long. I want to take them into my warm wet insides and make them dissolve in me for you.

I don’t want you to hold back. I want all of what you have, and when you can’t stand it any more I want you to release yourself into me and lose yourself completely in my warmth.

I want you to nail me.
LaSonnambula1 LaSonnambula1 51-55, F 50 Responses Apr 3, 2011

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As a carpenter, I can scarcely think of hotter words breathed in my ear.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Ha... good point! : )

Another one just as delicious reading it the third time. Oh what great pleasure to release the Furies of desire, unchained and raging heat, his sweat and passion pouring into me, his pleasure mine.

With a pneumatic hammer.

Ha.... maybe my sexual frustration could have portended some of my blood-thirsty "Words With Friends" instincts!


Just how I like being welcomed home after a tough day at the office. Nice!


Ha..... written in my early, more sexually frustrated days on EP!

well, it seems that Wow is about the only comment I have had for you. Once again...WOW! lol.

I can't begin to imagine what you feel when someone new is inside you. I cannot help but think a woman must miss something if only one or a very few men find their way inside. The experience of the man is just so different. There are so many ways I would love ******* you with abandon. Perhaps you will purposely tease and aggravate me to the point where I just can't stop. Perhaps you will recognize that I am in a bad mood and you just know you can enjoy letting me take it out on you. Perhaps you have been with another and I am in a jealous rage, reclaiming your body as mine.


Absolutely exquisite! Pure passion! Pure pleasure!

Ahhh... a good passionate romp... best way to releave pent up tension, anger and frustration, gotta love it... could sure use one today....

Amen to that!

Passionate and rough.... nicely written......

You know where the needs and secrets are. Wish you luck in your endevors',.

nice description, yes sometimes one got to have it then and right there

Delicious and full of contrasts... In a way so tender... in a way so naughty... in a way full of contained passion... In a way full of realized passion... but in every way so lovelly...



Pure animalist lust is so hot and sexy, loved the story my dear, can imagine taking you like that!

DAMN, that's hot.

I love when sex is a release not only of the loins but of the emotions, the soul, drawing upon our very connection to the earth, our fears, our dreams, our mortality. To be so hyper-aware of each other and our moment together. No words are needed. Indeed, words may be difficult to even conjure if the need is especially urgent.

thumbs up babe. your words sound like how a boy tries to impress his girl saying how hes gonna **** her. enjoy more n more

I saw a play last night, "God of Carnage" by Yasmina Reza, that had a line that made me think of this posting.

The characters were talking about morality, and how people try to control their impulses, and someone said that sometimes it's best not to control your impulses:

"You don't want to be singing 'Ave Maria' when you're *******."

Good to hear that a woman likes this from time to time and will actually enjoy it, even though she may not ******.

Takes some pressure off of me, because I've learned that I only like sex when my lady has an ******, and it's more difficult to like it when we're having a "quickie".

Right.... it's not necessarily all fun and games, is it? : )

"the passion and the pain and the anger and frustration" it is not often that this is expressed. Great post!

ohh woaa really well written.......and very erotic.....

I want to be inside you as well... all in and hard until...

It is so erotic and arousing to hear a woman asking you to penetrate her, to push your member inside her NOW because she needs you NOW and nothing else matters to her at that precise moment but the feeling of your member getting hard and fast inside her.

I have been there after a long foreplay and is one of the best moment in having sex...

hi, love to fill your sweet wet tight ***** with my big hard ****. xxxx

i love the look on your face as i push it all the way up.

your face goes from shocked to enjoyment as it rushes in & out.

i slide it all the way out & you look sad.............then push it all the way in making you moan out load

Goodness, your writing just takes the mind and lets it wander right from the start!

Will your voice be skipping as you cry "FUU...UUU...KKK MEE...EEE...EEE?"

I know what you mean..... a form of very frank communication.... : )

angering ******* is fun