Inch By Inch...

I want to feel your warm, inviting touches and caresses over every inch of my warm,waiting body.Anytime of day this is ALWAYS welcome.Love a good neck massage especially .When were together in our private moments is when i would prefer for this to happen.Just go slooowly and intimately down every inch of my waiting body is just soooo wanted and erotic. Your playful nature and my feistyness always lend spice to these moments. The way you use multiple stimulation at the same time drives me crazy always. I am craving this moment as i type!
parakeet8157 parakeet8157
51-55, F
3 Responses May 10, 2012

GLAD you ARE mine, now! Yowza! :-P

All for you! Yeehaw!!!!

*cheering so loudly you might hear me on Mars!* ;-)

Let's celebrate."dancing together in each others arms."

wow, we have similar cravings

Oh crap! I was hoping this was about me massing you - or visa versa!

What I enjoy. We can share the joy!

I meant massaging. I'm such a dope.

no your not! it would feel gooooddd...

I meant massaging you. What a dope.

your fine as wine.... hehehehe

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